In the summer season and high temperatures, the tuning of our vehicle is very important. During the summer season is when we make more trips and more kilometers we make, so it is vitally important to carry out a correct and exhaustive maintenance of the vehicle. Thus guaranteeing our safety, avoiding unforeseen events and unnecessary scares. For all this, we propose some tips to get your car tuned this summer.

5 tips to tune up your car this summer:
  1. Tires: Checking the tires is something that should be done throughout the year, but above all, in summer, which is when most trips are made. That is why it is very important to check that the pressure of the wheels is correct, that the depth of the tires is at least 1.6 mm and that there are no cuts and wear on the tire or rim. The wheels usually have a useful life of about 5 years or about 40,000 kilometers of running-in.
  2. Suspension: vehicle suspension is key to safer driving. To know if the suspension of your car is correct, lean carefully on the hood of the car and press down, if it rises quickly, everything is correct. If the opposite happens, or you have any doubts, check it in your trusted workshop.
  3. Brake fluid: Check that the brake fluid level is between the minimum and maximum marked. If you do not have enough fluid, it is advisable to go to the workshop to have the system flushed completely. Perform this check at least every 2 years.
  4. Coolant and oil level: Check the dipstick for both oil and coolant levels. Whenever you add fluid, you must do it with the engine cold and you should never exceed the maximum level as with the coolant.
  5. Lights: correct headlight alignment and good lighting are important to ensure your driving safety. Do not forget to always have a spare set in the vehicle.

Remember to travel well hydrated and try to wear very comfortable clothes and shoes.


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